handwashing fluid

Hand sanitizer is a skincare cleansing liquid that mainly cleans the hands. It uses mechanical friction and surfactants to cooperate with the water flow to remove dirt and attached bacteria on the hands.
The chemicals in the hand sanitizer may irritate the skin of the hands. People who are allergic to the skin are not suitable for use. It is recommended to apply hand cream after washing. In general, it is harmless.
(1) The purpose of handwashing is to remove the stains and bacteria on the hand, so the cleaning power is the first consideration, but the cleaning power and the degreasing power are proportional, and the excellent detergency is accompanied by a strong degreasing effect, Should choose mild non-irritating surfactant.
(2) Rich and long-lasting foam and easy-to-rinse are important indicators of the quality of hand sanitizer products. Rich and durable foam is easy to wash and can bring users an easy experience of washing their hands without burden, so focus on formula design Consider foaming and foam stabilizing properties and ease of flushing.
(3) The ability to remove bacteria is the key to achieving true cleanliness in handwashing and is the reason why it is mainly used in public places as a hand sanitizer.

First, moisten your hands with clean water, take an appropriate amount of hand sanitizer on your palms, and rub at least
For more than 30 seconds, in this process, pay attention to rubbing to the fingertips and finger joints, and allow the foam to cover all parts of the entire hand. After rubbing, rinse with running water. Finally, pay attention to dry with a clean dry towel or paper towel, it is best not to dry because the rapid evaporation of surface water will cause partial dehydration of the skin, causing the skin to become dry and rough.