• Which brand of hand sanitizer has the best sterilizing effect

    Hand sanitizer is a kind of used to clean hands skin cleaning fluid, by mechanical friction and the role of surface active agent, water or don't need water to remove dirt and adhesion of bacteria.Of course, ECO is my first choice, because it meets all my needs and moisturizes hands…
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  • Does disinfectant threaten your health?

    Disinfectants can effectively kill pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and parasites, thus protecting the human body from infection. However, most of the disinfectants are highly oxidizing and corrosive. If they come into direct contact with human skin or are ingested by mistake, they will cause great damage to human…
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  • Which cosmetics work best

    Today is to introduce the company, the company is producing a variety of cosmetics, we know that cosmetics have a cleanser, skin water, lotion or cream, to oil, moisturizing cream, eye cream, essence, sun-block/segregation frost, etc., the company is a production, and species diversity, the effects of each product is…
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  • Pet products, do you know?

    First, pet feeding Small snacks.Normal dog food feeding will only be the most basic nutritional satisfaction of the dog, I believe that many friends just received the dog at home are mostly puppies, so in addition to feeding the dog food, we have to give a certain small snacks.With snacks,…
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  • Tips for applying facial mask

    Wash your face with a cleanser and dry with a washcloth.Apply a thin layer of toner, add a layer of Aloe vera gel, massage for 2 minutes, apply the mask, after 15 minutes, rinse off with warm water.After applying the mask, you will feel that your face becomes very soft…
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  • Which natural essential oils?

    ECO natural essential oil is specially recommended. By the way, By the way, introduce its efficacy and use method.It is extracted from the leaves, flowers, seeds, fruits, roots, bark, resin, wood heart and other parts of the plant by steam distillation, cold pressing method, liposuction method and solvent extraction method,…
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  • Which natural hair care products are the best?

    Of course, OEM is the first choice, full of 100% natural seed oil, safe and comfortable, controlled hair gel flexibility, suitable for both men and women.This hair oil will restore moisture to the curls and scalp and promote healthy, strong hair.Herbal Workable gel with 100% pure natural seed oil, and…
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  • The function of essential oil

    The function of essential oil Essential oils can be formed by combining 50-500 different molecules. Under the arrangement of nature, these molecules co-exist in perfect proportions, making each plant have its particularity, and therefore the mysterious effect on the human body is extremely broad. The essence of essential oils can…
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