Reed Diffuser Home Aroma Reed Diffuser With Rattan Stick And Sola Flower
Reed Diffuser Home Aroma Reed Diffuser With Rattan Stick And Sola Flower

Reed Diffuser Home Aroma Reed Diffuser With Rattan Stick And Sola Flower

Matailalai ni iYaya iTukutuku Lesu Mai ena gauna oqo

Product Description

Product Name Reed Diffuser Home Aroma Reed Diffuser With Rattan Stick And Sola Flower
OEM/ODM Customized logo is welcome, packing as your requirement.
MOQ 1000 picese
Sitivikiti VUATA,GMPC,TLF,ISO22716
Sample Time 3-7 work days
Service 1) Raw material purchase 2) OEM/ODM <Private Label>
Free Sample Io, but we not in charge in shipping fee.
Delivery Time Rauta na 20-25 days after deposit comfirmed


1.High-end diffuser with 0% alcohol;
2.high-end gift box;
3.different glass;


reed diffuser:fragrance diffuser/stick diffuser/ aroma diffuser/ratten diffuser/


Available scents: apple cinnamon, apple jolly rancher, apple pie, banana nut bread, cherry, cinnabuns, cinnamon spice, cucumber & cantaloupe, cucumber melon, peppermint, spearmint, fresh cut roses, hot buttery vanilla, hydrangea, island mango, kiwi melon, lavender & vanilla, lemon macintosh apple, mimosa mandarin, oatmeal milk peach, peppermint, pina coloda, pomegranate, pumpkin pie, citrus, strawberry, sugar cookie, tulip, watermelon, and white tea & ginger ect.


OEM and ODM: changing on material
Color: acceptable
Develop on artwork and sketch : acceptable


1.third party inspection:acceptable,
2.1 year guarantee for product quality.
3.welcome to inspection yourself.


open the refill and pour the oil into the glass bottle
insert the willows with flowers into the bottle


Flammable produts,keep away from open flambé,
Heat&direct sunlight, Avoid contact with eyes&skins
Do not ingest . keep away from Children




Oils are not to be taken internally ,avoid contact with skin , in case of contact with eyes wash out /rinse eyes with cold water ,take care not to spill,wipe up any spillages immediately as the fragrance may harm olished,painted or plastic surfaces,
Keep out of the reach of children and pets, ensure glass diffuser is on a secure level surface(avoid tvs ,stereos and all plastic and wooden surfaces). As with all glass products handle with care and check regularly for signs of damage ,do not use if there are any cracks or chips in the glass


Reed diffuser is an easy, effective and safe way to diffuse continuous fragrance throughout your environment , No smoke ,drippy wax or the anxiety of burning candles.


What to do:
Open the bottle of fragranc oil and discard the cap inside, slip the decorative sleeve over the neck of the bottle and insert the willow reeds Fragrance blooms within 48hours


Where to use:
Enhance the décor of any space you like, Reed Diffuser is great for those No candle zones such as office ,dorm rooms and homes with young children


How it works: The aromatic oils are absorbed up through the slender willow reeds and released naturally , enhancing every moment of everyday with splendid fragrance that lasts up to four months (depending on your surroundings)




Packaging & Shipping

Standard export carton packing.

3-20 days after confirming order,detail delivery date should be decided according to production season and order quantity.
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Vakauta mai vei keitou na nomu kerekere matailalai! Kevaka o gadreva na ivakaraitaki sega ni saumi, vakauta mai vei keitou na vakatataro.



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